Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

The Robb Farm produces 100% pure & natural maple syrup with nothing added, free of contaminants – that means, no formaldehyde, pesticides, or chemicals.

Our Sugar House

The Robb Family has been maple sugaring for generations, practicing sound woodland stewardship and taking great pride in the hard work required to bring you the finest pure maple syrup.  The sugarhouse is a special feature of this six-generation farm. Visit!

Maple Syrup Grades

Golden Delicate: Usually made at the beginning of the sugaring season. It is the lightest grade of syrup with a golden color and delicate maple flavor. Used to be called Vermont Fancy.
Medium Amber: Medium Amber is mostly made in the middle of the season and is often the most popular flavor.  It is darker in color and has a bolder taste.  Used to be called Vermont Grade A/medium amber.
Dark Amber: As the season progresses, the syrup darkens and develops a stronger, robust flavor. This is the darkest color with the strongest maple flavor.  Used to be called Vermont Grade A/dark amber. 

maple syrup in decorative leaf shaped bottles
Vermont Maple Candy

Other Maple Products

Our maple syrup is the perfect match for pancakes, waffles, or ice cream. But we turn our syrup into other maple goodies. Maple candy, maple sugar, maple cream are made from our syrup. We have gift boxes for purchase as well as party favors for events.